Search Engine is powered by humans. Human editors compile all the listings that directories have. Web directory is listed with is important is important is because many people see these listings. Also, if you have listed with them, crawler-based search engines and so are likely to find your site and add it to your listing for free.


Before submitting to any directory you want to prepare your site for this. This means that you prepare a 25 word or less description of your entire web site is written. Two or three key positions that report that you wish to use must be found.

Keyword research to help consider what your site instead of thinking on these terms may be best to set keyword phrases. A list of resources for the people search page that you would allow such research.

It is important that you write do not describe use marketing language. So, such Athletic shoes "as" and walking shoes "if you sold shoes and wanted it was for words," You are a "write only the facts described in this way" can: Buy Athletic shoes, running shoes are hiking boots and other shoes than our cross country trail finder try. You describe this as one who is full of marketing, publicity and do not want to dislike the Editor: The world's largest brand largest online shoe store with best prices!

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