Social Media Marketing

In recent months, any company or brand that prides itself wants to be present in the current social networks: Facebook and Twitter, they want to take advantage of advertising to be in real-time contact with its target, to know them and two-way communication real to them.

These social networks are growing and every day have more users, but are not the only valid social tools to reach our target of an effective and unobtrusive.

Just look at the numbers of platforms such as StumbleUpon or Reddit and LinkedIn, which generate traffic of millions of users every month. The same goes for MySpace, Delicious, Flickr, Foursquare, Quran or YouTube.

The problem arises with the huge range of social opportunities that appear in Internet. However, the solution is not complicated: simply perfection meet our target, know your age, where you live, your hobbies, likes, etc.

Nor should we let ourselves be blinded by the numbers of social networks. All figures in million offer their followers or users, but we should carefully ask how many people actually are active, update their profile and interact with other users or with the own brands. And above all we must ask the following question: how many users are really interested in our products?

For example, experts and advertising gurus talk about the decline of MySpace as a social network, but it is the right place for music promotion of groups and singers.

The secret lies in discovering what is the ideal network for your business, which actually allows you to communicate with your prospects and include in your marketing strategy and be present in a proactive manner.
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What is Social Media Marketing?


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