Do a search on Yahoo.

The main result is that you return note "is run by the Yahoo crawler 'will (not" "The main results are looking for search engine results page). Despite this, Yahoo's own Web site, which by human editor is compiled independent "directory", is remarkable. Part 2 as mentioned, listed in the Yahoo Directory can help you add possible more crawler-friendly location, the result is based Yahoo, which is being received.

Yahoo's standard two deposit options, "which is free:", and "Yahoo Directory Submit," which includes a deposit fee.

Use a standard for presenting one presented for free for non-business class can. You'll know because if you are a non-commercial category is non-commercial class to try to submit, in addition to the standard offer alternatives Yahoo directory submission will be provided given the option, and discussed below.

When you free search engine submission option is available to pay Why choose? Just a rapidly changing time. If you use free alternatives presented, there is no guarantee that your deposit will be reviewed quickly or all is.
Your one non accepted for deposit commercial category is more likely that your content is openly commercial. For example, a site that sells running shoes on the front page to offer commercial and not accepted as is likely to be seen. However, if you have a page within the Web site that discussed in depth how to run different parts of shoes to choose the right type, then that page helpful accepted non-commercial information and thus can be considered.

As for commercial categories, Yahoo requires that sites for $ 299 per year for a Yahoo Directory Submit paid deposit fees. This fee does not guarantee that you will be listed only does that get you a yes or business within seven days no answer about being accepted. However, most of the decent sites are accepted.

If accepted, you will be one year later and fees collected reevaluated charged again, if you want to stay in the Yahoo commercial. Last year you decided to get traffic from Yahoo should review the fee again if it is worth paying. If not, you may not accept are listed, and you will not be charged.

But what about crawlers?

If you originally signed up with Yahoo hoping to influence crawlers, will not leave their Yahoo directory listing because you have to leave by the crawlers? Not necessarily. Based on their properties will Crawlers site listings. Your site will rank well within a separate question whether the page is. However, after a year of existence, its web site other important links pointing to it can be. This means that Yahoo is losing its link to your order can not be much affected. If money is tight, you try to leave Yahoo listing, only to resubmit your rankings if you crawler - Based on the results is the effect one can find.

Annual fee applies only to professional groups. If you submitted for a non-commercial category using Yahoo Directory Submit and get accepted in that area, do not charge fees only once, on an annual basis. Adversely affect you, because you're a "recurring annual fee will be looking for a reference." However, rules and Yahoo Directory Submit, Yahoo in a position for an annual fee is for commercial directory sites.

How do you present?

If you are a non-commercial category, for free to click "Suggest a Site" link that the top right hand corner of the page appears on Division are presenting. Bring a form submitted. Fill it out, and you did.

If you are presenting, you do not select a category. Instead, just use Yahoo Directory Submit Form. From there, Yahoo editors will choose a category for you. All you need to fill out the form that is submitted.

Above devices are listed with the bare essential Yahoo. If you're in a hurry, you can follow them and you probably will be listed and receive traffic from service. However, this important service for you before sending to be more prepared.

Search Engine Watch members have a detailed How Yahoo Works page that guides you also have access through this process. That is why it is better to select a category, rather than that Yahoo editors use the Yahoo Directory Submit service. Also listed in your Yahoo directory and its position being in crawler-based results says more about the relationship between. To become a member to use this information to learn more about, visit the membership information page.

Alternatively, you run a search engine optimization company to produce that experience to work with Yahoo to be considered. You must pay for your services, but it's worth the price for Yahoo to submit additional traffic you'll receive a carefully organized on is possible.

Outsourcing Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Watch members have access page that lists about search engine optimization companies selected articles.
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