White Hat (Ethical) SEO

A White hat SEO (white hat) is called an "ethical stance" that opposes the abuse of electronic media. Make the right thing: Optimize the texts (Locate the title and description where it should, just hover over the search that has real substance and consistently). Implements accessibility standards (an example to understand what a search engine that contains an image parameter should add alt = "text" and a short description). Creates a link structure: The sites need to redo the form of a link between itself.

A Black hat (black hat) is the opposite of White Hat, this attempt to run an intrusion on these, is considered an ethical SEO strapped. You can use low quality links or unwanted as pornographic sites, pharmacists, etc. Those who practice Black Hat SEO, "inflate" PR placing a link on a page with high page rank, but if this is removed the PR of the page fall into the next Google update.

A Blackhat SEO (spam) does the following: Cloacking: (a sewer hidden behind an apparently normal web, search engines or traveling without javascript dirty look at the content which is usually plain text, with h1, bold and lots of links that would never on the cover. This is the most widely used technique among spammers and is considered counterproductive because it is hidden text that should reasaltar web for users). Buy links (backlinks Google shows that it is illegal).

Establishment of farms (It is automatically generated content or copying garbage, try putting your pages in search engine indices, scattering in different servers, domains, different content structures). Abuses of keywords (A spam puts a title search words all types of one-to corner the greater number of web searches without coherence). Duplicate content (takes a text and places it on multiple pages to get more pages indexed). Hidden text (hidden links and keywords on a website, use hidden divs, fonts invaluable trick or white text on white background).

The biggest problem with Black Hat SEO are the consequences which may arise for the owner of the page. The most ominous is the complete elimination of Google results. This is usually due to SEO that Google detects and penalizes malicious page in this way.

Another important term to know is Gray hat, which refers to those practices that are between one place and another. Using both methods, as seen as more beneficial for the page.

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White hat SEO tips

When it comes to ethical SEO technique, the white hat is how aggressive you need to approach SEO. Just think about the "value" when it comes to white hat SEO. The white hat is ethical search engine techniques adopted by major players such as Google.

With aggressive tactic white hat SEO, "not until you reach it sooner" - every time! The white hat SEO is each element you add to your sites, blogs, etc.. that add value and credibility.

    * Write content GRANDE, single
    * Set the video / audio sites innovative
    * Create a "constant community of merit"
    * You want your site visitors see while a source of value-packed information (keep them coming back for more!)

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